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We offer you the best Software Development has to offer in order to help your company reach the next level of productivity and simplicity.

Our vision for all business owners:

Performing and profitable corporations for everyone where teams simply have fun working

Our mission, you asked?

To simplify corporation activities.

Three things we do to boost your business

What are our specialties?

The versatility of our team allows our organization to fulfill multiple sectors needs at different levels. Below are some of the sectors WMI has worked many times, and this is not limited to this list.

Manufacturing sector

For over almost fifteen years, our team has worked alongside worldwide partners to optimize production, simplify planning and scheduling and assure inventories follow-up in an automated fashion using integrated systems. Our optimal solutions based on the concepts of continuous improvement allow us to refrain stoppages, plan maintenance routines and minimize the impact on production for a greater profitability.

Public sector

Ministries and governmental organizations use our consulting services to complete their development teams which allow them to realize greater projects and still be on time for delivery. Our transparency and respect of information confidentiality, combined to our cutting-edge methodologies make us an asset for their systems maintenance, evolution and enterprise application modernization that are used across the province.

Retail sector

Increase your online sales whilst having no e-com to manage with our syncing tools that integrate directly with your accounting system, which simplifies the management of your Internet presence, and opens a world of new possibilities.

Transportation industry

Increase your profitability by tens of thousands of dollars a year instantly by maximizing the optimization of your business processes. Know exactly where to improve your business to grow profit by establishing your right overall costs and take the right decisions at the right time.

Insurances companies

The greatest players of the industry required our expertise to improve and modernize their financial products solutions like mortgages, group annuities, and the implantation of new software packages by the giant Guidewire Software. Our methodologies aligned with the international American corporation assured our customers’ teams and high direction the best out of their solutions providing their customers with a single invoice for all combined services.

IT services

Even in our own industry are we recognized as a valuable partner whenever there’s a big and complex project to realize. Be it for their personnel training or fulfill the missing manpower they need, our sympathetic, professional and cross-functional team will share their knowledge with great pleasure for the collective good of the teams we’re in.

Repair services

Simplify your work stream with an integrated work order management solutions. Save time and money by allowing to your technicians to log their work and parts used directly using mobile technologies or a computer. Ease your mind with a simple workorder approval to bill the work done directly to your customers’ email address. Let’s put an end to this long and invoicing period.

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